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"A rare opportunity in the Bahamas - to own a large plot of land providing space, privacy and spectacular views

while enjoying cooler evening breezes due to the hill top location. All this without compromising

access to the sea - with miles of pristine beaches just down the path."

Crystal clear waters and virgin beaches relax &

entertain you.


The sunrise greets you every morning and the sunset introduces every evening at your panoramic locale.


Stroll the tamed, tropical forest or walk the 3 mile beach.


Perhaps a dip or dive in the crystal clear sea.


The Sun and Wind power your home and lift your spirits.


This is life on the hill - the highest residential elevation

in the Bahamas.


Like-minded property owners, each home-site with the privacy of an acre or more; sharing knowledge and experience or peacefully enjoying personal solitude.

Hill Top Village is the 1st government approved, off-grid development/ sustainable community on Cat Island, Bahamas.


This vision of Nick Cripps and his wife Manette Poitier Cripps was years in the making.


With their 3 existing homes in Hill Top Village, they have proven, for over 16 years, that the quality in one's home (and life) is not compromised by sustainable, responsible living - that it is, in fact, elevated.


No more than 25 select property owners will share the

"Shangri-la" that is Hill Top Village.


We have provided information within this site to aid you in making the wise choice of Hill Top Village. You will learn how you can visit this unspoiled island and stay FREE at "Casa loma" while you choose your home-site.

Suba Diving the Coral Reefs. Black Angel Fish, Suba diving paradise
Nick Cripps and his wife Manette Poitier Cripps

A pair of Black Angel Fish - your underwater neighbors.

Nick and Manette with grandson Freddie


  Cat Island is located 350 miles east of Miami and 125 miles southeast of Nassau. The sixth largest Bahamian island, Cat holds the highest elevations above sea level and has one of the most stable climates in the Bahamas.

   The Out Islands revolve around Nassau, New Providence Island. This central area is where our goods come from weekly via mail-boats.

   Flights are direct from Nassau (NAS) arriving and departing two times a day at Arthur’s Town Airport (ATC) in the north and New Bight (TBI) in the south. We expect direct flights from Florida to New Bight to resume as the PGA Golf course and other developments in the south come to fruition.


   Learn more at the Ministry of Tourism page link below




The Basics


   Many subdivisions in the Bahama Family Islands are “Paper Projects”, they are subdivided, but not necessarily accessible.


   Hill Top Village has roadways in place to access all 25 lots. 3 homes currently exist within the 50 acre community.

   With these homes solar, wind, rain water catchment & self sufficiency has been proven and improved over the years .

The knowledge gained is fully available to community members.


   Each home siting will be selected to maximize your view,  minimize tree canopy impact - best utilizing nature for sustainability & privacy.










Most of our plots are over one acre in size and are reasonably priced , at $80,000 - $180,000 (USD) .

   As the  first sustainable community approved on the Island; safely located on  one of  the highest available elevations in  the Bahamas, surrounded by Virgin beaches in unspoiled lands - shop around & you will see the investment value available here.

Visit us and



Contact us to schedule your visit, You will stay at "Casa Loma", right within the property . This allows you to  meet the Cripps & experience the beauty that is  Hill Top Village .  Purchase your Plot within 2 years of your visit and  the full amount of rent will be applied .







   Beyond your home-site is the shared property, a total of 15 acres, which includes:

- Community Green Park

- Community Forest

- Community Workshop

- Community Garden


   Each property owner will have one vote in the collective community. When there are enough community members, a formal “association” will be formed and the community land formally turned over to the association. It is also anticipated that the association will become involved to help “lift up” the greater Cat Island Community & Youth through our collective knowledge, shared sense of stewardship and philanthropy.

   This may be in the form of anything from sharing our skills; to beneficial  Island projects, as the association determines useful and feasible.

   As the first ever, government approved sustainable community on the Island, Hill Top Village is helping to set development standards for the future. Once you visit, you will better understand the importance of this fact on this yet unspoiled island.


   For those interested in purchasing a home site, our lawyer, Paul King & Co., of  Nassau, will deal efficiently with the sales agreement, which has been drawn up with the ideas of our vision. Bahamian law requires a Bahamian attorney in the process.


   The process is not overly complicated and one may obtain title insurance if desired.


   Land investment in the Bahamas has a strong following thanks to the favorable laws of this country, and yearly  real estate taxes being less than in the city of Nassau.




   We are blessed with good local builders and we can offer an environmental architect for your plans as well as a building works manager to oversee your project properly.


   We will share our knowledge and experience with Solar, Wind, Rainwater & any other areas, to

help you optimize design to fit

your particular lot and  benefit

from nature.


   Our own committee will review  your plans before submission to the local Government authority to advise, as well as ensure a good fit  with  the community vision and legalities.

View From the Cripps Home "Top of da Hill"

Kenny Chesney's Video - Shot on Cat Island, June 2015

Nick  was featured in 5 segments during "Green Week " on the ZNS Network - the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas

Meet a few Neighbors

Nick Cripps

Top a da Hill, Casa Loma

Jasmine Cottage

"Having grown up in the UK, I farmed the family estate until 1979, leaving England for a sunnier climate.

Arriving in Nassau, Bahamas my first years were involved in organizing and running the successful Bahamas Grand Prix boat racing weekends. With the help of the Ministry of Tourism, the weekend races became  internationally acclaimed, boosting pre-Christmas tourism. After 5 years i moved to Abaco Island where I ran a successful marina, restaurant, bar and snorkeling tours for 10 years.

  Finally  I moved to Cat island, here found my Shangri La, with 50 acres on top of some of the highest land in the Bahamas.

  Here I enjoy life with my beautiful Bahamian wife, Manette,  at "Top a da Hill".

We enjoy welcoming visitors to this truly magnificent view & look forward to meeting each of you when you visit ! "


 - Nick Cripps

   Founder of Hill Top Village

Nick Dean

Civil Engineer

LOT # 23

"As a civil engineer working in the Bahamas for over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of traveling to most of the Islands for various projects.  I have never come across a site with the vistas and varied natural beauty of Hill Top Village. The views of Orange Creek and the Atlantic Ocean are simply breath-taking & the elevations in excess of 140 feet are uncommon for the Bahamas.  Photos do not do this property justice…one must visit and see for one’s self to truly appreciate it.

I am proud to be a property owner in the Hill Top Village community & have embraced the sense of Eco-friendly living promoted here.  With all power provided from renewable sources, Hill Top has set an example for community development in the Family Islands and has already affected government policy in that regard.  As one of the first property owners, I look forward to meeting all of the future homeowners who will come to share this beautiful gift of nature with me."



- Nick Dean

  IBS Integrated

Manette Poitier Cripps

The Poitier Clan hails from northern Cat Island; Manette was born in Orange Creek, Cat Island. Educated in both the United States & Europe, she became a teacher, educating children on several of the Family Islands and then returning to her birthplace to contribute as a primary school teacher. To help students understand the diversity and breadth of “their” country, she has organized many field trips for them to Nassau, New Providence.

 The first female Seminary Graduate in the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church (BCMC); she serves as the Minister of Great Bethel Methodist Church in Orange Creek (getting married on your beach just got easier). As a world traveled daughter of Cat Island, her diverse insight, is applied to her teaching and her elected position on the Local Government Board. Manette welcomes the perspective and potential of like-minded people to Hill Top Village and is excited about the living example set and the positive impact on her homeland.


  • How many feet is the highest point in the Bahamas?

    Mt. Alvernia in the south of Cat Island is the highest point at 206ft. and Glass Hill is the highest point in the north at 165ft. which is right across the valley from Hill Top Village.

  • How far from the beach are we?

    It varies by plot, the nearest are just 200 yards to the beach and the farthest not more than 600 yards.

  • How long is the driveway to the gates of HTV?

    About 1 mile of graded roadway.

  • Is there a good food store nearby?

    Yes, within 2.5 miles from the property, called Orange Creek Food Store.

  • Where is the nearest bar/restaurant?

    Very close to the end of our driveway.

  • Can we drive to the North Beach?

    Yes, there is a driveable track – AWD needed.

  • What is the swimming/ diving like?

    The beach is three miles long and very private, snorkeling is wonderful straight off the beach, and even divers have been amazed by the Cathedral Reefs.

  • Is there well water?

    Yes, near the lower properties, but prefer to rely on rainwater, which can be filtered for drinking. At the north beach track there is a well which can be used for fresh water showers after swimming (very cold)

  • Can you grow fruit trees easily?

    Yes, but use local bred stock, since the Bahamian soil is not very rich in nutrients. It is hoped that the gardener's among the community members will join with Nick to extend his vegetable/fruit tree area.

  • Is gasoline and diesel available?

    Yes, we have two gas stations in the north of Cat, but diesel has to be bought from the south or shipped in on the weekly mailboat from Nassau.

  • Is there cooking gas?

    Yes, LPG is available in small or 100lb. tanks, and can be filled most days by the Orange Creek Food Store.

  • What is the property vegetation like?

    The woods are pretty dense, and there are a lot of older trees still standing. There are many varieties of flowering trees, and thus a bird watchers paradise as well.    Remember that 30 years ago all this was used for farming, since there were over 1,000 people living in Orange Creek. - now about 100!

  • How far is the nearest airport?

    Arthur’s Town, which is also our local administration center is about 4.5miles from HTV.

  • Is there a garage/ repair shop nearby?

    HTV has a good fully equipped repair area on the property, available to our members, and there are several good mechanics, welders on the island. Willing to travel to you.

  • How do we find out about Solar Energy?

    Firstly Nick has lived comfortably off grid for the last 16 years with lots of experience, and secondly we have a local electrician who understands all about solar energy.                                                                                                   For Reading material I would promote the Solar Electricity Handbook by Michael Boxwell, updated yearly, and if you can get a hold of an old 30th edition Solar Source Book by Real Goods off the internet grab it, since that was my learning bible.

  • Is Internet available?

    Yes, Wimax, is the provider. The roof of Nick's home, as a high point, provides the distribution signal. Land lines are not available but obviously most communications today are by cell.

  • Are there schools locally?

    Yes, there is a High School at Arthur’s Town and Primary schools at Orange Creek and Dumfries, all in the north of Cat.

  • Are there Medical Services?

    Yes there is a clinic at Orange Creek with well trained personnel. For extreme cases flights are arranged from Nassau to return to the capital.

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